Breaking the Trend

Elouette's goal is to BREAK THE TREND by making clothes that reduce material consumption through the reuse and restyling of salvaged clothes. Consumerism and constant consumption threaten not only our wallets but also our planet. With a rise in products that are designed to wear out or tear, and the decline of quality in the fashion industry, consumers are buying and discarding at a faster rate. According to a statistic done by McKinsey & Company, consumers bought 60% more clothes in 2014 than in 2000, but kept the clothes for half as long.  The creation of “fast fashion" and the increase in microseasons have also created a false consumer need to keep up with trends and new styles. The World Resource Institute posits that the number of fashion seasons has increased from just spring/summer and fall/winter, to between 50-100 invented seasons. We think this is CRAZY.

As consumers' buying habits increase, more resources are used. Cotton, the most common natural fiber used in clothing production requires 2,700 liters of water to make one shirt. In addition to water use, the apparel industry also contributes to water pollution. Pesticides used for cotton crops as well as the dye used to color apparel gets into our water supply and harms marine ecosystems. During the process of industrial dying it has been estimated that 10–50% of colorants are lost to the environment.


In a study done by Fischer-Kowalski et al. done in 2011, the data shows that by 2050, if our current rate of consumption continues, we will need 3x as many resources as we are using now. This trend is unsustainable


Elouette is shaking things up by saying NO to this "fast fashion" trend. All of our sweatshirts are hand picked from second hand stores, so when you buy an Elouette sweatshirt you are contributing 0% to the apparel industry's resource consumption. And when you receive a box in the mail from Elouette with your purchased product, you can rest easier knowing that our boxes are also salvaged and repurposed. And when your sweatshirt no longer fits, or you move, or you just want to switch up your look, pass your Elouette sweatshirt along, don't throw it out.

Together, we can make these resources last. 



Elodie Freymann